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From the outset Agents of Change has been set up to provide a new level of training support for clients. The objective is to provide a service which delivers real results not just training courses.

“One of the problems with typical training courses is that generic subjects often have little relevance to the real workplace issues faced by individuals. Another problem area is that following the training people get hit with the day to day workload, drop back into the old work habits, and soon forget the learning without making real behavioural changes.”

It is not hard to see why managers question the value of this kind of training.

The way Agents of change works is different.

Your needs and objectives are the starting point to design a programme that is directly relevant to your sector and situation. The focus is on achieving the kind of changes that clearly pay you back for your investment within an agreed timescale.

Following a free consultation session where we get to understand your circumstances, you get a full proposal detailing how you can achieve your objectives. This may include a variety of interventions, from the coaching of individuals, the facilitation of group work, to formal training sessions and team events. Programmes can be created which draw on a wide range of subject areas to deliver only those elements that move you forward.

Once underway, the project is actively managed and support is given to individuals at all levels in the organisation to unblock the road to progress. It is the practical steps back in the workplace that make change happen, and it is good to be able to pick up the phone and get support when you need it.

Our primary objective is to work with you as a partner in order to help you achieve tangible results and then you will want to tell others.

If this level of service sounds expensive to you, don’t worry. By keeping our overheads low we can provide a high level of service and support often for less than the cost you would pay for sending people on a generic programme.

agents of change      -     delivering results not just training courses.

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