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The Performance Workout
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Restructuring, Expanding, Downsizing, New Markets, New Laws / Regulations, Privatising, Integrating, Relocating, Outsourcing, Centralising, Competition

If you are responsible for bringing about change in an important area of your organisation- would you like to learn the techniques to make it really effective?

Are you feeling the impact of change from the environment in which you operate or perhaps from strategic change elsewhere in your organisation?

Would you like to turn the need to change into positive advantage?


Change can be energising and refreshing but all too often for those involved it feels stressful and plain hard work for questionable gains.

One thing is certain, change, sooner or later, is inevitable.

This programme provides the practical steps for turning change into positive progress. It identifies the key elements of a successful change programme, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to plan in success. Find out how to deal with cynicism and resistance - get people to be not only receptive to change but to be active change agents within your organisation. Move from the sense of risk and responsibility for managing change, to enjoying the credit for enabling progress.

As every organisation is different, this programme is tailored to the circumstances that you are experiencing, with a clear plan of action for delivering results. It doesn’t stop there – during and after the programme you will get practical support in implementing your plan.

If you are as committed to getting successful results from change as we are then this programme will deliver for you. 

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