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The Performance Workout
live the message

Motivation, Preparation for Change, Cross Functional Understanding,
Dealer network briefing, Conference activity, Celebration of Success,
Stimulus for creativity or team participation

“a communication event with a real workplace purpose”

This is a different kind of active team event than you have ever experienced

How do we know?

Every event is a one off, individually designed around the needs of the team.

“All too often a traditional ‘team building’ event can be a frivolous ‘jolly’ with the vague intention of motivating the team, and as often as not in these days of constant change the team is restructured within weeks of the event taking place”.

The ‘Live the message’ event is different – with real business outcomes- the proven format focuses on the way the team works together and the goals the team needs to achieve. In a free consultation session the event is set in the context of your organisation, its circumstances, and the goals you need to achieve. You receive a fully costed proposal for the event, detailing the key messages and learning that will be designed into the activity. Participants discover the messages and learning for themselves by taking part in the activity.

“this event is powerful because the messages and activities are relevant to our people”

Indoors or outside, physical or cerebral, pure fun or a challenging wake-up call, from a team of six to a department of 300 people: you shape the style of event and the learning required and we create the event for you, in the location of your choice.

As these events are designed and run by experienced trainers the event can form part of a wider programme in which the learning outcomes from the event are developed into action back in the workplace.

If you are looking for a memorable and cost effective way of getting your key messages to ‘live’ in the workplace then create an event that is uniquely yours.

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